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Owned and operated by Chartered Building Surveyors, Liquasil is a manufacturer of specialist, silicone roof coatings and a unique liquid gutter liner.

Widely specified throughout the UK, Liquasil’s Metalseal product for the refurbishment of metal profiled roofs is BBA Approved and guaranteed for 25 years when installed by a Liquasil Approved Installer.

Larger projects are audited by Liquasil’s team of building surveyors at each stage of the installation to ensure that the product is being properly applied.

This provides considerable peace of mind to the client because any installation issues can be quickly identified and remedied whilst the contractor is still on site.

In addition to supplying products,. The Liquasil team is available to professional specifiers to carry out desktop studies and specifications based on photographs supplied.

For larger projects, Liquasil is able to carry out pre-start surveys to ensure that the roof in questions is suitable for coating. The only cost involved in this is for the provision of safe access to the roof, if there is no access otherwise available.

Liquasil’s products are made in the UK to Liquasil’s own recipes. These recipes differ according to the application the product is being used for. For example, Asbestoseal, a specialist asbestos roof coating, is designed to be absorbed into the asbestos cement substrate, whereas Metalseal is designed to bond to the surface of metal profiled roofs.

The products in the Liquasil range are:

· Metalseal, metal roof coating
· Asbestoseal, asbestos roof coating
· Flexlap, stand-alone cut edge corrosion treatment
· Gutterseal, liquid gutter liner suitable for steel, concrete and asbestos cement gutters

Metalseal is a complete metal roof refurbishment system that is ideal for situations where an industrial roof needs to be brought into repair prior to the installation of solar panels for example.

Dilapidations surveyors specify Metalseal because of its cost-effectiveness to alternative roofing solutions.

The standard system includes SWT Primer for treating cut edge corrosion if present.

Flexlap is possibly the most economical cut edge corrosion treatment on the market. Designed by our building surveyors, it changes the way cut edge corrosion has been treated historically. When mid-laps are present on a roof, the Flexlap system can reduce materials and labour costs by more than 50% in many cases. The system comprises SWT Primer to treat and prevent corrosion and Flexlap, a unique, solvent-free, self-levelling silicone top coat. Options for sealing overlapping mid-lap joints are available.

Asbestoseal was Liquasil’s first product introduced in 2013 as a result of seeing how ineffective other coating systems were on this type of roof. Unlike most coating manufacturers, Liquasil usually advises clients to change their asbestos roofs if they possibly can. A coating is only as good as the substrate to which it is being applied and most asbestos roofs are now at, or near the end of their economic life expectancy. The Asbestoseal system comprises SWT Primer for preventing rust-breakthrough from the fixings, Non-Sag Sealer to seal all fixings and joints if necessary and Asbestoseal 20, which is the coating component.

Gutterseal is a three-component system comprising SWT Primer, the same anti-corrosion primer used on cut edge corrosion. Priming all metal surfaces prevents rust from breaking through as well as providing a perfect key for the silicone components which are Non-Sag Sealer, a unique, thixotropic silicone compound with 1600% elasticity, making it perfect for sealing gutter joints that are susceptible to thermal movement. Liquasil One overcoats the SWT Primer and the Non-Sag Sealer resulting in a fully bonded, seamless gutter liner in even the most complex of gutters.

Liquasil’s building surveyors are keen to assist anybody with questions about industrial roofing and are on hand from 9:00am to 5:30pm weekdays – call 0121 709 5352.

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