Welcome to the Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association web site!

The MCRMA was formed in 1990 to support the systems manufacturers in the emerging metal cladding and roofing industry. Since then MCRMA has evolved to encompass the needs of component manufacturer suppliers, stockholders, systems installers, independent roofing and cladding inspectors plus industry support services providers, all providing independent building envelope solutions for metal-based roofing and cladding systems, products and services.

MCRMA publishes a wide range of guidance documents and articles which reflect the latest developments in the specification and manufacture of metal building envelope systems and their components. All MCRMA publications are free to download.

A new MCRMA guidance document GD39 Sustainability and durability of metal roofing and cladding systems focuses on sustainability from a ‘fabric first’ approach where the metal building envelope provides a long-lasting solution which can be future proofed for potential changes of use of the building. As there is a natural split between sustainability and durability topics the MCRMA guidance document is published as a suite of eight standalone sections each of which covers specific but interrelated subjects, including sustainability background, zero avoidable waste, environmental assessment methods, durability, life cycle/whole life costing, products and components. The document can be downloaded from the sustainability page.

MCRMA has published a new Advice Note AN 09 The Building (Amendment) Regulations 2021 Guidance. This advice note addresses ambiguities in the new Approved Document AD-L Volume 2 Buildings other than dwellings which MCRMA has identified in comparison with previous versions of the Approved Documents.

Advice Note AN 06 Safe working practices on roofs: the distinction between ‘walkable’ and ‘non-fragility’ has been produced to remind all those involved in roof work construction that they have a responsibility to be aware of the most up to date advice on safe working practices and also to be compliant with the legal requirements.

Guidance document GD 32 Self drilling fastener installation tools explains that screw guns are an installer essential when working in roofing and cladding construction, as they ensure that the optimum mechanical performance of a self-drilling fastener is obtained, guaranteeing the integrity of the building envelope. Impact drivers should not be used! Their repetitive impact action can lead to drilling failures, reduce the fastener pull-out performance, and damage the coating or strip the moulding on the fastener head.

The product and services selector enables visitors to quickly and easily locate the manufacturers of specific roofing and cladding systems and components. The selector also lists the independent inspectors and industry support services members of MCRMA.

MCRMA offers an online CPD programme which is open to anyone seeking to develop their knowledge and skills within the metal building envelope sector. The CPDs are flexible and provide ‘learning on the go’ as the course material can be studied both online and offline, on mobiles, tablets and print. There is an online assessment component to verify knowledge and following the successful online completion of a CPD, a certificate can be downloaded for the user’s personal records.

MCRMA members have been widely specified and involved in the industry’s most prestigious buildings, creating imaginative and innovative building designs that offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions for major developers, clients and end users.

As the voice of the industry, MCRMA works closely with a variety of industry bodies and standards committees to develop building envelope solutions and to disseminate best practice across a variety of industry sectors.