Rooflights encompass a wide range of products, including in-plane profiled rooflights, continuous barrel vaults, modular domes and pyramids, panel glazing systems and architectural glazing systems for skylights, lantern lights and atria.

Daylight is a vital natural resource that will significantly improve the environment within any building; the beneficial effect of sunlight is easy to recognise – a couple of sunny days seem to lift everyone’s spirits. Rooflights provide three times more light than the same area of vertical glazing. They can also provide a much more even distribution of light, particularly in larger structures.

Use of daylight through rooflights offers major benefits to the internal environment within a metal clad building, as well as potential savings in energy use, running costs and CO2 emissions by providing the designer with the opportunity to balance solar, lighting and heating loads within the building.

Daylight improves concentration so that working environments, be they factories or offices with natural light, tend to achieve increased productivity. Research into retail environments suggests that in many situations sales tend to be better in naturally lit locations; colours are more vivid and true, making goods appear attractive and encouraging customers to spend more time in these areas.

People like bright naturally lit environments, evidenced by the huge popularity of domestic conservatories and sunrooms. It is therefore logical that in their leisure time people prefer facilities enjoying high levels of daylight. Most sporting and recreational facilities today try to maximise natural daylight in recognition of this.

The National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers (NARM) represents manufacturers and suppliers of all types of rooflights into the UK market, including those widely used in the metal-based roofing sector. Its purpose is to identify and promote quality and practical solutions for rooflight specification, installation, maintenance and safety. MCRMA has a close working relationship with NARM and together we uphold the same key messages.

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