Rainwater management

The roof drainage system is an important aspect of the overall roof design but one that can be overlooked because of the perceived simplicity of its function that is, taking rainwater from the roof and disposing of it in the ground. However, problems can occur when gutters and down pipes are incorrectly fitted or poorly maintained.

The Metal Gutter Manufacturers Association (MGMA) produces a range of information data sheets designed to educate specifiers, contractors and home owners alike about the type of metal gutter systems available, their application, superior life expectancy and unrivalled value over other material alternatives. The documents can be downloaded from the guidance documents page on the MGMA web site.

A new British Standard covering metal gutters BS 9101:2017 Steel and aluminium rainwater systems. Specification has been published by BSi. MGMA has been at the forefront of the development of this new standard for the design and manufacture of metal gutter systems; the first standard in this field.

This new standard will prove invaluable to bespoke and proprietary metal gutter manufacturers, construction consultants, architects and installers of commercial and domestic buildings to ensure that metal gutters are correctly specified and manufactured. You can find out more here

Metal guttering systems are designed and manufactured to give many years of reliable service and to achieve this, a regular inspection and maintenance programme is required. Detailed installation guidelines can be found on the MCRMA and MGMA web sites and impartial advice can be obtained from any of the MCRMA independent roofing and cladding inspectors.

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