Filon Products Limited

Filon Products Limited

Established in 1957, Filon is a manufacturer of GRP profiled rooflights including factory assembled insulating rooflights (FAIRs) and site assembled rooflights. They are designed to match and be used with all opaque metal sheet systems manufactured by MCRMA member companies. Rooflights are manufactured in a variety of weights and fire grades to suit a range of applications, fire performance and non-fragility expectations. Filon Supasafe is specified when rooflights are required to be non-fragile for an expected period of 30 years.

Also available are Filon’s Monarch-F continuous GRP barrel vault rooflights suitable for along the ridge, down the slope, curved and flat roof applications; Finesse, a multiwall polycarbonate glazing system which is perfectly utilised as a barrel vault, pitched rooflight or vertical wall glazing; Fastlock is a fantastic interlocking standing seam single skin polycarbonate glazing system and is perfect for canopy and covered walkway applications which is available not only in clear, but also in a range of striking translucent colours to create a real showpiece.

Filon Citadel opaque sheeting is highly chemically resistant and specified for roofing and cladding where metal sheets would readily corrode due to harsh environmental conditions. It has been used very effectively in a range of applications including waste recycling plants, composting facilities, energy from waste centres, galvanising plants and many more.

Also available is a patented Filon Over Roofing system for complete roof refurbishment providing a very light weight system exactly matching the existing roof sheet.

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