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We are a leading manufacturer of specially designed and engineered steel products ranging from 0.4mm – 10.00mm thick. Our core products include roofing and cladding, structural roof decks and architectural profiles.

The majority of our products are manufactured in-house, using roll-forming design and other manufacturing techniques.  These manufactured products and processes we have designed, installed and implemented using our own engineering skills, all of which exist in our new state-of-the-art production facilities in Brighouse.

Our diverse product range includes various structural steel grades, thicknesses and finishes. The current product portfolio for our clients is running at a thickness range of 0.4mm to 10.0mm, and is ever expanding. These products have been designed and engineered for a specific purpose usually in the construction industry, but the possibilities for designing and manufacturing other roll-formed products and profiles for a multitude of purposes is practically endless.

These designs are usually performed to bring the end customer some sort of advantage over more traditional and established shaped products. Such advantages being weight per unit used; strength advantages in profile design, speed and efficiencies of our fast roll-forming techniques over pressed alternatives, and many other advantages that become clearer from product to product.

Anything that has a uniform cross-sectional shape can be roll-formed at various lengths, and this makes commercial sense when the volume and repetition of an item is sufficient enough to make investment in such an item worthwhile.

This investment, which we undertake on your behalf, serves as a way of improving your product. In short, we turn our competitive advantage into your own, allowing you to compete and perform better on design, supply, service, speed, flexibility and other efficiencies.

Over 30 years of traditional steel knowledge fully complements our new fresh engineering style – it allows us to manufacture high-end engineered products efficiently and also allows us to source the steel in the most efficient manner.

In today’s ever more competitive and changing markets, Firth Steels continues to look to enhance and diversify its product and customer portfolio, by adding value in designing roll-forming processes and products for end users.

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Firth Steels Limited
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