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All around the world, people work safely at height thanks to Latchways’ fall protection systems. With over 35 years of experience at the cutting edge of fall protection, Latchways set the standard for innovation, performance and quality. The versatility, dependability and ease of use of Latchways ManSafe® systems are the reason why they are trusted to ensure worker safety on a wide range of applications, with installations throughout the world, protecting people as they go about day-to-day activities such as maintenance, cleaning, access and inspection.

ManSafe® for roofing

Constant Force® Post: Latchways’ ManSafe horizontal and inclined fall arrest and fall restraint systems incorporate the patented Constant Force post and can be deployed across all the major roof types including standing-seam, built-up-on-site, composite and secret-fix. The ‘top-fix’ Constant Force posts are rigorously tested and do not damage the integrity of the roof-therefore not compromising the roof guarantee.

WalkSafe® Walkway: Latchways’ WalkSafe walkway provides a level anti-slip surface, marking a designated route for workers to follow. Systems can incorporate corners, stepped sections and also traverse the pitch of the roof providing a level surface.

VersiRail® Guardrail: In situations where roof access is regularly required by numerous people, VersiRail provides the ideal collective fall protection solution. Constructed from aluminium, the VersiRail offers a lightweight solution that is available in a range of styles and finishes, in both fixed and free-standing options.

Design and specification

Latchways offer a free design and specification service providing comprehensive support and advice for clients, architects, contractors and specifiers. Combining excellent technical knowledge with a clear understanding of the concept of worker safety at height, the in-house team can design the ideal fall protection system layout for your project. This service is supported by a global network of installer companies who play a full and pro-active role in providing a complete solution for the chosen design, from installation, testing and certification through to maintenance of the system.

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