Planning minor roof works (Information Sheet No 3:2012)

This information sheet is intended for clients who have a duty under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 that is, any person who has minor roof work carried out in furtherance of a business.

Minor roof work includes:

  • Replacing a tile or tiles
  • Cleaning or replacing a roof light
  • Carrying out an inspection on the roof
  • Or any other work that lasts for less than a day

Before commencing any work on any existing roof it is absolutely essential to determine whether the roof is fragile, has fragile elements (for example, rooflights) or is non fragile. This is a key decision, which should only be made by persons competent to do so.

If there are any doubts, assume that the roof is fragile.

Appendix 1 contains a questionnaire which may be reproduced and sent to companies, to help assess their competence, when selecting a contractor to carry out the work.

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