MCRMA produces a range of documents designed to educate specifiers and contractors alike on building envelope design, the systems available, their application, superior life expectancy and unrivalled value over other material alternatives.

The guidance documents set out to answer some of the frequently asked questions relating to building envelope systems and their components. In articles, MCRMA explores some of the issues affecting the industry today.

The roof safety documents section contains a range of guides covering all aspects of roof safety, including safe working on fragile roofs, the use of horizontal safety lines and recommended practice for work on profiled sheeted roofs.

MCRMA has an on-going programme of updating its technical design guides to reflect the latest developments in the specification and manufacture of metal building envelope systems and their components; documents that are currently being revised are marked with the words ‘under review’.

The Metal Matters journal is an occasional publication intended to inform specifiers about the latest developments in the use of metal in the construction of building envelopes. The environmental and sustainable benefits of metal, together with developments in colour and form, are now recognised by clients, designers and engineers alike and have led to a much wider use of metal in construction. Metal Matters will show you how to create imaginative and innovative building designs that offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions to benefit future generations.

MCRMA has also produced a number of floor deck publications, including a comprehensive design guide and a series of practical data sheets.


Manufacturers are best placed to offer advice about their particular products and their published data should be closely adhered to; as any variation from their data during the design or construction process could result in the component or system failing prematurely or not complying with the guarantee or warranty conditions. Any uncertainty about the use or application of a product or system should be referred back to the manufacturer for detailed written advice.

Additional project specific advice for demanding or complex constructions may also be obtained from any of the independent roofing and cladding inspectors featured on the MCRMA web site.