Membership Charter


  1. The Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) is a company limited by guarantee.
  2. The company is regulated by its Memorandum and Articles of Association and complies with the Companies Act, including the holding of Annual General Meetings. These do not directly affect the running and organisation of the Association.
  3. The company’s affairs are directed by a board of directors who are appointed by the members; plus the Board shall appoint a secretary (executive director) to the Association or other paid official if it considers that to be appropriate or necessary.
  4. The principal activity of the company is to operate a trade association under its own internal rules. These rules shall be enacted by the membership of the Association at general meetings constituted under the same rules.
  5. The MCRMA shall support its members and actively promote that their products or services are fit for purpose and reflect the commitment to quality and reliability.
  6. The MCRMA shall promote and maintain high standards in business dealings and in the delivery of products and services.
  7. The MCRMA shall be regarded as an organisation of authority and professionalism.


  1. Any company, association, individual or other body may apply to the Board to become members of the Association.
  2. Members will be accepted into the Association in the following categories:
    1. Metal suppliers and manufacturers or suppliers of profiled or formed cladding panels (System manufacturer)
    2. Manufacturers or suppliers of ancillary components and others (Component manufacturer)
    3. Independent roofing and cladding inspectors
    4. Designers, engineers, consultants or others (Industry support services)
  3. Members shall:
    1. Apply for membership in the name of the company and the acceptance of such application shall entitle that company to the benefits of membership.
    2. Pay a subscription as shall be agreed each year by the Board
    3. Have one vote at the Association’s Annual General Meeting in respect of each full subscription paid
  4. All members who are manufacturers or suppliers of goods and services to the Industry and undertake design work for third parties shall maintain insurance appropriate to their business including Product Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance cover, or similar cover.
  5. Members shall, on an annual basis, provide the Executive Director with a copy of all relevant and current Indemnity Insurance certificates.
  6. The MCRMA Board of Directors reserves the right to withdraw membership from any company found to be breaking the rules of this Charter.


The MCRMA undertakes to ensure that

  1. National and international members are committed to providing reliable products and services. Manufacturing and supply members are accredited to EN ISO 9001 or are committed towards achieving accreditation within one year of membership.
  2. Members who manufacture or supply products will provide on request certificates of origin and product conformity for the primary materials from which the products are manufactured.
  3. Primary materials will be sourced from companies using EN ISO 9001 standards.
  4. In the absence of appropriate British or European standards, manufacturers’ tolerances are as stated in the appropriate MCRMA publication.
  5. Products manufactured or supplied by member companies should comply with the Construction Products Regulations and where appropriate should be CE Marked in accordance with a recognised assessment procedure or harmonised standard.
  6. All MCRMA members use internationally recognised calculation methodology or test data as a basis for the performance figures shown in their technical documentation. Details of the design criteria used are available on request from any individual member.
  7. Roof cladding systems, rooflight assemblies and in-plane components manufactured and supplied by member companies will have been tested in accordance with ACR [M] 001 Test for Non-Fragility of Large Element Roofing Assemblies and carry a non-fragility performance classification for the assembly as tested.
  8. Fall protection anchor devices (horizontal lifelines and single point anchors) manufactured by member companies and installed on roof systems supplied by member companies must be tested on representative roof systems to which they are intended to be installed. The fall protection manufacturer will provide evidence that the anchor device has proved satisfactory when tested in accordance with the ACR [M] 002 (Part 2) Testing of Roof Anchors on Roof Systems.
  9. MCRMA members employ in-house technical services engineers providing building design assistance to specifiers and contractors in relation to Building Regulations and other required standards.
  10. Member companies will offer advice on appropriate installers and will provide installation recommendations and procedures for their products in accordance with good practice applicable in the country of use or installation.
  11. In the event of a dispute, MCRMA members can advise on an appropriate third party to consult. Disputes shall be resolved in accordance with English law.
  12. MCRMA members employ management systems to ensure the traceability of materials or products in relation to a project.


The MCRMA undertakes to ensure that

  1. Members have regard for environmental issues during procurement, delivery (including installation implementation) and waste disposal.
  2. Members strive to minimise adverse environmental impact in the provision of their products and/or services.


The MCRMA undertakes to ensure that

  1. Members have undertaken all work in accordance with relevant health and safety legislation.
  2. Members have a health and safety policy which they uphold in principle and practice.

You can download the Charter here