Durrant Consulting Limited


Durrant Consulting Limited is an independent consultancy undertaking general inspection work and investigations into defects in construction, particularly in the areas of workmanship and design issues, movement, deformation, blistering and water ingress.

Investigations are carried out in both the public and private sectors, for shopping centre management, insurance companies, architects, surveyors, contractors, local authorities, professional bodies and trade associations.

Durrant Consulting also works to develop remedial solutions, contract specifications, schedules of defects and administration of repair contracts. In addition, Durrant Consulting provides expert reporting and advice covering disputes, litigation, technical evaluation and opinion to enable resolution of issues.

Mr Mark Sulik is the director and principal of Durrant Consulting, a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a Fellow of the Institute of Roofing.

Mark Sulik
Durrant Consulting Limited
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